01Jun 2019

LED high mast lighting is a great option when it comes to outdoor lighting, street lighting and more. It has various applications which make it stand out. The reason behind its success is the excellent lighting design which is meant for picking the best optic for the application. It provides uniform light distributions, withstands harsh […]

02Sep 2018

What is LED Track Light LED track lighting is a very different and new type of lighting. The LED track lights are attached on a track device. The track device tends to consist of electrical conductors which power up the LED track lights. LED track lighting can be installed anywhere. On the walls, on the […]

02Aug 2018

A large number of people are switching to LED ceiling lights. They save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of humans. With high market demand, varying options are available that meet both convenience and aesthetic needs. For example, instead of just using LED bulbs, one can buy LED panel lights. These can be installed into […]

12Jun 2018

If you are thinking of replacing your fluorescent bulb, then the best choice is 1*4 ft LED panel light. LED panel lights have rapidly increased in popularity because of its brightness and energy saving benefits. This is the reason why most of the people are shifting to LED panel lights. However, the benefits of the […]

05Jun 2018

LED lights are on the rage nowadays. They’re efficient, save energy and much more affordable than they were previously. Moreover they provide a good quality of light. LED panel lights are recommended over fluorescent lighting for just this purpose. Plus, they have a long-lasting life span, for 10 years or more. LED panel lights are […]

14Dec 2017

LED fluorescent tube is a environmentally friendly lighting fixture with soft light and can protect the eyes. LED lamps will not produce UV light, so compared with the traditional lamps, less mosquitoes will be around the lamp. What are the common fluorescent lamp advantages and specifications? Please following our points below: LED fluorescent tube adopt […]

17Aug 2017

Shouldn’t be an peculiar lamp, LED panel lights designed a particular system more than these the very best skilled standards. This modern LED expertise enhances the brand new in any home, office or business house and sweetness. The principle benefit of LED lights are vital advantages. Extreme power efficiency permits this new LED panel to […]

17Aug 2017

Led panel light supply is  well know as long time . Stable cold mild source, epoxy resin, light physique and no loose components, there isn’t any filament mild easy to burn, heat accumulation, gentle and rapid decline of errors errors, life of up to 50,000 to a 100,000 hours, longer life than typical light sources […]

17Aug 2017

The light supply of the led Led panel light is high brightness white led light or warm white led mild with some features resembling high efficient ,low energy ,long life ,simple to control ,non-maintenance ,safe and environmental and many others .It’s a brand new cold light supply .The Led panel light will be utilized in […]

09Aug 2017
UL LED panel light

Although with many advantages, and LED lights are very popular all over the word and well accepted by many user. There are still some disadvantages of LED lighting which needs improvement. One of them is that LED lighting is a little bit sharp for human eyes. Stare at the cold LED light source for seconds […]